Types of Hip Replacement Surgery

There are Two types of hip replacement surgery

Hemi replacement (partial replacement)

In hemi replacement only the ball is changed

Hemi Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery

Where the ball is replaced and socket is resurfaced.


According to how these parts are fixed to the bone, hip joint replacement is classified as

Cemented hip replacement surgery

In cemented hip replacement surgery the parts are fitted to the patient bone with a substance called bone cement. The correct name for it is Poly Methyl Methacrylate. This design is still in use.

Cemented Hip Replacement Surgery

Non-cemented hip replacement surgery

In non Cemented hip replacement surgery the parts are press fitted in the prepared bone and the bone grows in the fine crevices of the implant making it stable This design is mainly used for younger individuals.

Non cemented hips last longer than cemented hips. The current designs may last up to 30 years. This means even younger individuals can undergo surgeries to alleviate suffering.

Non-Cemented Hip Replacement Surgery Non Cemented Hip Replacement