Consultation & xrays

Your First Visit


When you come for the first consultation for pain to Dr. Thakkar, it is advisable to come with a prior appointment unless it's an emergency, so that when you come to the clinic your time is spent fruitfully.

Kindly expect to spend about one hour and 30 minutes for your first consultation. This time is spent in obtaining detailed history, performing thorough clinical examination, for taking x-rays and advising the treatment.

For Hip Replacement:
Treatment for disorders is advised taking into consideration your age, medical history, the intensity of pain, findings of clinical examination and x-rays.

For Knee Replacement:
From the information obtained from history, clinical examination and x-rays, a knee score chart will be prepared for Dr.Thakkar's evaluation. After going through this score chart, Dr.Thakkar will discuss treatment modalities suitable for your knee problem.

Please Remember

  • To mention if you have allergies of any sort, either to medicines or any other substances.
  • To bring the names of medicines that you take for diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and medicines for pain relief and arthritis.
  • To bring previous x-rays, blood reports, examination findings of other specialist doctor, if any.
  • To bring a note from your family physician giving a detailed description of your condition and medical history.


Good quality x-rays in different positions are invaluable in arriving at correct diagnosis and for planning further management. Depending on the x-ray findings the implant is selected. X-rays findings also decide the steps required to correct the deformity. Therefore it is advisable to take x-rays under supervision of our staff for standardization.